Wok box and bamboo boat menu ideas

Pork belly & green paw paw salad
Caesar salad
Lamb korma with pappadums
Tuna nicoise
Black mussels, chorizo, risoni
Roasted pumpkin & spinach Risotto
Panko prawn, celeriac remoulade
Sang choa boa
Coq au vin, herb mash
Seafood laksa, bok choy & noodles
BBQ beef short ribs, potato salad
King salmon, skordalia, salsa verde
Chicken & pork dumpling broth
Orecchiette pasta with slow braised duck
Pork & fennel snags, mash, tomato chutney
White cooked chicken & glass noodle salad
Chicken, mushroom & leek pie
Kingfish with a white bean puree
BBQ lamb leg yiros with Tabouleh
Assorted pizzas

Canapé Desserts

Honey & Alexandrina jersey cream panna cotta
Lemon curd tartlets
Mini Pavlova’s
Pistachio nougat
Chocolate truffles
Skewered glazed pineapple
Spanish doughnuts with PX hot chocolate
Sticky date pudding, butterscotch sauce
Cannoli with lemon ricotta
Profiteroles with macadamia ice cream & chocolate
Vanilla meringues with passionfruit curd
Cheese platters